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Our Giving Mission

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Our farm was built on nourishing our family, now it’s about sharing that abundance with the community.


Hatching a Plan to Combat Food Insecurity

To help support vulnerable Victorians during tough times, we're proud to donate 20 cents from every specially marked 18-pack of eggs purchased at participating Coles and Woolworths stores to SecondBite and OzHarvest. 


This new initiative will provide up to 190,000 meals for families in need.

We hope that by spreading the word of this giving campaign, more egg-loving, community-minded customers will buy this marked donation 18 pack and help provide additional meals for as many people as possible.

“Sadly, one in three Australians is facing food insecurity - meaning they are skipping meals or going a day without eating to help make ends meet.


To provide almost 50 million meals to hungry Australians each year we partner with like-minded organisations to realise our vision of ending waste and ending hunger. 


Our partnership with Josh’s Rainbow Eggs will contribute to more families not having to make tough decisions and have to choose who in the family skips a meal, or whether or not they use the heating, or are able to pay the bills.


Every pack sold will enable SecondBite to provide one meal to someone in need. We’re proud to partner with Josh’s Rainbow Eggs to make a meaningful difference to the lives of everyday Victorians.”

- Daniel Moorfield, CEO at SecondBite

“We can’t thank those enough who choose to purchase our 18-pack. We hope you can now feel a sense of pride knowing the impact you're having on others in our community,”

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OzHarvest sources around 250 tonnes of food each week from a network of 3,000 national food donors, like Josh’s Rainbow Eggs.

OzHarvest is Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, stopping good food from going to waste and making sure it goes to feed people in need. In Melbourne, OzHarvest has eight yellow vans on the road, delivering nearly five million meals each year to support 110 charities from Rosebud to Werribee to Epping.


SecondBite distributes the food it rescues to more than 1,400 charities and community organisations, free of charge. 

These organisations provide food relief to individuals and families in need, in the form of hampers, pre-prepared meals and community pantries.



We love to give our eggs to those who need them most. 
In February 2017, we began donating 4% of our egg production.
As our business has grown, so has the number of eggs we have donated!

Every week food charities, big and small, come to the farm and take eggs to their communities in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

We have now given away almost 1.5 million eggs to families in Victoria including 250,000 to Ozharvest and 120,000 to SecondBite.

We donate our eggs to the following food charities on a weekly basis:

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“Josh has been supporting OzHarvest in Victoria since 2013 (he was 13 years old!) and we’ve loved being part of his journey as Josh’s Rainbow Eggs had gone from strength to strength.  With the rising cost of living impacting so many families, food insecurity is at an all-time high. There has never been a more important time to support our cause and we’re so grateful to Josh’s Rainbow Eggs for helping to raise valuable funds to feed Victorians in need.”

Christine Crowley - OzHarvest Victorian State Manager

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