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Josh's Easter Egg for Good Friday Appeal

How we came to be selling a Josh's chocolate Easter egg...


This Easter, in conjunction with Chocolatier Australia, we have produced chocolate rainbow eggs to support the Good Friday Appeal. 30,000 chocolate eggs are now available across all Woolworths stores in Victoria.


For every Josh’s Rainbow chocolate Easter egg sold, 50c will be donated to The Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

We had the idea of a chocolate egg as a fun treat for our customers, particularly for children. This became a reality when we met John Grisold, owner of Chocolatier Australia in Melbourne. As a huge Josh’s Eggs fan, he was thrilled to help us make our first ever Josh’s Chocolate Easter Egg. His team came up with an unique Easter egg, milk chocolate speckled with sprinkles - a “Rainbow” egg!

"When I was 15 we started selling our eggs in three Woolworths stores... I can't believe we are selling Josh's Easter eggs in every Woolies store seven years later! And the best part is it's for a great cause." - Josh

We see this Easter egg as a way to do some good in the community, it is not profit-driven. It’s been amazing working  with another great family business like Chocolatier that shares our values of giving. 


We have had so much fun with John and his team working out the type of egg, the packaging and design and just the logistics of getting it into 246 stores.

"[We're] proud to partner with Josh's Eggs this Easter. Two Victorian family businesses working together to raise funds for the Royal Melbourne Hospital." - John, Chocolatier Australia

Having been regular supporters at The Big Day Out, it was great to meet with Rebecca, Executive Director of the Good Friday Appeal at their 2022 launch.

Where to buy...

Our Easter eggs can be bought at all Woolworths stores in VIC. Easter section

Easter Eggs.png the Checkout


...with Josh's eggs

Our Eggs.png

The strong relationship we have with Woolworths meant that what started off as a few thousands eggs to be sold into the 50 stores that sell the real Josh’s eggs, has evolved into a state-wide Easter egg stocked in all 246 Woolies stores in Victoria.

"For many years we have looked for a local Victorian product that could help us raise funds directly for the Good Friday Appeal. When Tamsyn called us, we all thought it was a fantastic idea. Having an Easter Egg with a percentage of sales going to the Good Friday Appeal is very exciting for our team." 

- Sarah Gooding, Woolworths State General Manager

The making of a Josh's Rainbow Easter Egg...

Chocolate Factory 1.jpeg
Josh's Rainbow Easter Eggs_edited.jpg
Josh & John_edited.png

Josh with the chocolate egg moulds

Josh's Rainbow Easter Eggs

Josh with John at Chocolatier Australia

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