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Josh's Rainbow Eggs

Learn about our giving mission with SecondBite & OzHarvest.


Truly Free Range, Ethical Eggs

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Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire customers to make ethical and sustainable food choices that positively influence the way all food is grown. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to build Victoria’s most recognised, trusted and loved free range egg brand. 

Our Purpose

To nourish our community ethically.

We provide food for our families, food for our customers, and also food for those who cannot afford it.


We love to give our eggs to those who need them most.

Our farm was built on nourishing our family and now it’s about sharing that abundance with the community.


In 2017 we started to donate 4% of our production to big and small food charities, including OzHarvest and SecondBite. As our business grows, so too does the number of eggs we can give to families doing it tough.


We have since donated 1.5 million of our delicious eggs to food charities and families.

We're excited to partner with OzHarvest and SecondBite to help feed those in need.

To help us provide over 190,000 meals to families in need, purchase a specially marked Josh’s Rainbow Eggs 18 pack at participating Woolworths and Coles stores across Victoria from now until the end of 2024.

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Josh' story in his words

We provide a unique offering, as we are an ethical, environmentally sustainable egg with a great story. 



Josh was awarded the 2019
Victorian Young Achiever Award for Environmental Sustainability.

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of how we run our farm.

Over the past ten years we have developed a unique model of free range egg production with mobile solar powered sheds, custom designed by us and made in Melbourne.


They are highly efficient, fully automated and powered entirely by a 3KW off-grid solar system. This allows us to move the sheds to fresh pasture so we are constantly enhancing the soil, plant and insect life on our farm.


We have a 15KW solar system that powers the rest of the farm.  



"I believe these are the world's tastiest eggs "
Josh Murray, Age 9

We spend much time and energy making sure our hens are loved and cared for. We also spend equal amounts of time ensuring our eggs are the absolute best eggs you have ever eaten.  Unlike most larger farms, we collect all our eggs by hand. This is the first place we check our egg quality and we remove any eggs that may be compromised.  In our packing or grading room we candle using a bright light underneath the eggs, to remove cracked, malformed and any eggs with defects. 

"These are REAL eggs - opening the carton is like delving into a REAL basket of freshly collected eggs at the farm."

"I don't usually review eggs, but I have been blown away by the quality of your eggs. Everyt ime I eat I think "these are the best god damn eggs!"

"You’re truly amazing Josh - that’s why we travel so far to get your eggs - they’re the best!"



One of our long term goals is to build an on-farm education centre for students to engage in hands on learning in sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship, agriculture, marketing and AI in egg production.

Each month we showcase our farm to special visitors and customers interested in getting a first hand look at our wonderful hens and dogs.  


We aim to produce the very first carbon neutral egg in Australia.  Using a combination of renewable energies and insect protein from food waste, we are working towards dramatically decreasing our carbon footprint every year.


Our customers have given us over $10,000 is last 18 months, which has equated to 3500 dozen eggs.

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The Lovely Things Customers Say About Us

"We have been eating Josh’s Eggs since you guys were selling at farmers’ markets. It has been fantastic watching your family business grow. Keep up the great work and thank you for such a quality, ethical, local product.  Everyone's a winner."
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